Sweaty Bands + Run Like a Mother
  • Sweaty Bands + Run Like a Mother

Sweaty Bands + Run Like a Mother

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This gorgeous band is the result of crossing one of Sweaty Bands most popular current styles--Watercolors--with our book covers: It has the yellow and orange of our first two books, and the words are the blue of our latest tome. It adds the perfect bit of sass and polish to any running ensemble.


It repeats the phrase "mother runner" three times across the band in blue, punctuated by a pair of deep orange women's running shoes. The band's velvet backing keeps flyaways out of your face when you’re running, mother runner. If you know Sweaty Bands, you’ll love this one! 1” wide. Velvet backing is aqua blue.

Run Like a Mother: This is the yellow-covered baby that got this whole mother runner party started! In witty, conversational essays and snippets of advice, we cover everything from hills to husbands, mental toughness to having your period on race day. It'll make you laugh, nod along, and maybe even cry a few tears.

But don't take our word for it. Here's what Amazon says about it: "In Run Like a Mother, authors Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea offer both inspirational advice and practical strategies to help multitasking women make running part of their busy lives.

"McDowell and Shea understand the various external and internal forces in everyday life that can unintentionally keep a wife--mother--working woman from lacing up her shoes and going for a run. Because the authors are multihyphenates themselves,Run Like a Mother is driven by their own running expertise and real-world experience in ensuring that running is part of their lives.

"More than a book, Run Like a Mother is essentially a down-to-earth, encouraging conversation with the reader on all things running, with the overall goal of strengthening a woman's inner athlete.

"Of course, real achievement is a healthy mix of inspiration and perspiration, which is why the authors have grounded Run Like a Mother in a host of practical tips on shoes, training, racing, nutrition, and injuries, all designed to help women balance running with their professional and personal lives."

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