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♥ Run tank top (pink)

♥ Run: Okay, so maybe not always, but your miles hold a special place in your heart--just like this design does for us at Another Mother Runner. An artist in North Carolina designed it for us after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, making the image resonate extra-hard in, well, our hearts. But we decided it was time to brighten up the colors in more traditional heart-y shades of pink.

Price $25.00

MANY HAPPY MILES running visor

What's pink and blooming with flowers? This gorgeous visor designed exclusively for AMR by our pals at BoCo Gear. Making it even more marvelous? In big, bold letters, it reads "MANY HAPPY MILES" on the back elastic!

Price $25.00

Embroidered Logo Tank Top (pink)

Forget polo ponies or crocodiles: We wear running shoes embroidered on our chest! This easygoing tri-blend tank top is flattering and casually chic. We plan on wearing it all spring and summer with camo-print capris, khaki shorts, jeans, and simple skirts. You can even sport it while running!

Price $30.00

Profusion of Poppies technical trucker hat

Trucker hats are all the rage--and us mother runners are diggin' them! This beautiful technical trucker by BoCo Gear calls to mind a California hillside, abloom with poppies and lupine. Wear it running or wear it running errands: It's equally gorgeous!

Price $25.00

badass mother runner tattoo tank top (pink heart)

We ♥ this tattoo design so much, but we decided the words were too dang dainty. So we pumped up the volume of the words and the heart to make sure people "hear" what it's saying! The design features the signature phrase of the mother runner tribe: This wicking tank top literally says, "badass mother runner," and it also proclaims it by featuring a heart tattoo that reads "mother." (Badass, right?!)

Price $25.00

AMR Cape Cod Running Retreat October 2019

Join a bevy of BAMRs for the amazing 4-day, 3-night Another Mother Runner Run + Refresh Retreat in Falmouth, Massachusetts, October 24-27, 2019. Whether you want to rev your engine at a beautiful race, release your body with foam rolling, hone healthy eating habits, plan your race calendar, or befriend other BAMRs, you will be delighted by the extended-weekend offerings.

Price $825.00

many happy miles tank top (navy blue)

Our signature phrase: first it was how we autographed Run Like a Mother, next how we sign off of our podcast, and now emblazoned on a tank top. (Thanks to popular demand!)

Price $25.00
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I run things. long-sleeve tee (purple)

Let the world know that you run races—and that you’re in charge. (We love a good pun.) This is one of our top-selling phrases, and we decided to put it on our favorite long-sleeve tech tee--then spice up the color! (Oh, and WHAT a long-sleeve tee: This tech tee is LOADED w/ features!! Read on, BAMR, read on!!)

Price $25.00
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run another mother runner tech tee

The perfect tech tee when you're in a need of a kick out the door: Just look down, and it commands you to run, mother runner!

This tech tee is loaded with extras, like thumbholes and reflective pops. It's a perfect layering piece or all on its own.

Price $18.00

stacked another mother runner tee (charcoal)

Turn up the volume when proclaiming to the world what you are--another mother runner--so we amped up our logo on this sassy tee. (Fist bump!) We updated the color on this popular design, offering it on a lifestyle tee with a more gracious fit in a wider range of sizes. We are pleased to offer this tee in sizes XS-4XL.

Price $25.00

run Texas tank top


Part of our limited-edition line of regional merch, we made this tank top to sell at 2019 Houston Marathon expo to honor the Lone Star State. The colors pay homage to the state flag of Texas. The word "run" is made up of our running shoes logo (well, except for a lone star amidst the shoes!). 

Price $25.00
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stacked another mother runner tee (navy blue)

We decided it was time to turn up the volume when proclaiming to the world what we all are--another mother runner--so we redesigned our classic logo tee into this sassy tee that makes more of an impact. (Fist bump!) 

Price $15.00