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mother runner Sweaty Bands (orange)

This gorgeous band is the result of crossing one of Sweaty Bands most popular current styles--Watercolors--with our book covers: It has the yellow and orange of our first two books, and the words are the blue of our latest tome. It adds the perfect bit of sass and polish to any running ensemble.

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badass mother runner Sweaty Bands (pink)

We love our signature phrase--badass mother runner--and, thanks to your prompting, we have brought back the original style of it on our Sweaty Band. Voila! The band shouts out the phrase to anyone tall enough to see the top/side of your head (note: not the young readers in your house!). It adds the perfect bit of sass and polish to any running ensemble.

Price $15.00

Purple Another Mother Runner running beanie

On dark, chllly runs, you need a boost of colors, so we had BoCo Gear create this pretty performance mesh running beanie for us. This purple beanie is ringed by a border of colored cubes. On the front (or wherever it lands!) it reads "another mother runner" in white on an aqua rectangle.

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limited-edition run kansas city long-sleeve tech tee

Celebrate running in the vibrant city filled with fountains--and great athletes! The word "run" is made up entirely of our running shoes logo. This limited-edition tee is on order through Sept. 10, then orders ship in late September. A limited amount of tees will be available at our Oct. 17 podcast recording party in KC + at AMR booth at Kansas City Marathon expo, but best to order in advance!

Price $15.00

don't think just go Shoe Tags

don’t think just go

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mother runner Shoe Tags

With one step you're a mother, with the next, a runner. Together, these tags sum up who you really are: a mother runner.

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