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Embroidered Logo Tank Top (grey)

Forget polo ponies or crocodiles: We wear running shoes embroidered on our chest! This easygoing tri-blend tank top is flattering and casually chic. We plan on wearing it all spring and summer with camo-print capris, shorts, jeans, and simple skirts. You can even sport it while running!

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run Texas tank top

Part of our limited-edition line of regional merch, we made this tank top to sell at Houston Marathon expo to honor the Lone Star State. The colors pay homage to the state flag of Texas. The word "run" is made up of our running shoes logo (well, except for a lone star amidst the shoes!). 

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another mother runner sleeveless V-neck tee (blue)

We designed this simple-yet-strong sleeveless V-neck to coordinate with our first-ever AMR capris, specifically The Sarah. Paired together, we consider them the "AMR kit," ideal for standing out in a race and letting folks who you are (another.mother.runner).

This multi-season sleeveless V-neck is lightweight, breathable, and super-flattering on a range of bodies. Available in sizes XS-4XL.

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