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26.2 marathon car magnet

Let the world know you're a marathon runner with this 26.2 vinyl car magnet. We've jazzed up our version by replacing the period with a pair of lime green women's shoes.

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Tales from Another Mother Runner

The trilogy is complete! Tales from Another Mother Runner, just published in spring 2015, is loaded with 20 honest, witty essays from various writers, plus one from Dimity and one by Sarah. (The dynamic duo behind Another Mother Runner and the Mother Runner Store.) 

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EMPTY the TANK shoe tag

EMPTY the TANK: a sure-fire mantra for races or challenging training runs when you really need to give it all you've got. (It's been go-to motto of Sarah, host of AMR podcast, for years!)

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mother runner Shoe Tags

With one step you're a mother, with the next, a runner. Together, these tags sum up who you really are: a mother runner.

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Mother running pendant

We hope you see yourself reflected in this pendant, mother runner. Yes, she's the woman who graces the cover of our second book, but she's also each and every one of us--strong, dedicated, and getting in the miles.

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BAMR Motivate Wrap Bracelet (black)

#BAMR: hashtag code for b*d*ss mother runner—and a phrase that's sure to spur you on!

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