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another mother runner Vooray trainer duffel

We love Vooray bags: They're so versatile, well crafted, and C-U-T-E! This is a new style for them, called the Trainer Duffel, a slightly roomier version of their popular Burner Duffel. SBS loves it because it is roomy enough to carry even her size 11 running shoes—and she used it on a recent overnight trip! It's loaded with features, including several interior zip pockets and a large waterproof one for wet/damp clothes and swim stuff. 

This limited-edition bag sports our retro logo and shoes in ombré shades of teal. It's black with a heathered gray accent. 

Price $55.00
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another mother swimmer silicone swim cap

Whether you swim to cross-train or you're eyeing a triathlon, we've got you (well, your hair!) covered with this super-cute swim cap! Made entirely of high-quality silicone, it is a can't-miss-you shade of fluorescent pink with pale pink swim fins + goggles in the squiggly style of our shoes logo scattered all over it. On both sides, it reads "another mother swimmer." (Tee-hee)

100% silicone. One size fits most.

Price $12.00

5-Pack of Stickers

This 5-pack of high-quality vinyl stickers is our entire colorful collection, perfect for sharing (or keeping all for yourself!). Comes with one each of: relentless forward motion; I run things; another mother runner; don't think; just go; and BAMR. Complementary colors so they look great together and eye-catching solo.

Perfect for use on water bottles, laptops, on your treadmill, etc. Various sizes, ranging from 3" x 1.34" (another mother runner) up to 4" x 1.93" (BAMR)

If purchased separately, these stickers would total $22 so this is a great deal!

Price $16.00

Check-Off-Workouts Training Plan Stickers

Too cute, right?! Forget checkmarks: We know loads of you feel a workout isn't completed until you've affixed a sticker to the training plan printout!

Thus we created these custom vinyl stickers for marking off your runs, strength sessions, cross-training days, and even rest days. The set includes four (4) sheets with 35 stickers per sheet: 10 shoes logos; 10 strength arms; 10 stars; and 5 BAMRs (140 stickers total).

Each high-quality vinyl sticker is 0.7" and round.

Price $10.00
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Run Like a Mother book

This is the yellow-covered baby that got this whole mother runner party started! In witty, conversational essays and snippets of advice, we cover everything from hills to husbands, mental toughness to having your period on race day. It'll make you laugh, nod along, and maybe even cry a few tears.

Price $12.00

BAMR Sticker

This high-quality vinyl sticker sticker tells everyone, in a subtle way, that you're a badass mother runner. And, when your resolve or motivation is flagging, it'll remind YOU that you are a BAMR! Vibrant colors. Measures 4" x 1.93"

Price $4.00

Relentless Forward Motion Sticker

This high-quality vinyl sticker, with its two runners + one cyclist going to-and-fro in almost yin-yang circle, sums up a can-do, keep-going approach to life. In bold, fun colors. Perfect for use on a water bottle, laptop, on your treadmill, etc. Measures 3" in diameter.

Price $5.00

Don't Think Just Go Sticker

This high-quality vinyl sticker sports Dimity's signature get--up-and-go mantra in bold colors. Perfect for use on a water bottle, laptop, on your treadmill, etc. Measures 3" x 2.82"

Price $5.00

Another Mother Runner Sticker

This high-quality vinyl sticker is beautiful in its simplicity, proclaiming you're a mother runner in vibrant colors and accented by our shoes logo. Perfect for use on a water bottle, laptop, on your treadmill, etc. Measures 3" x 1.34"


Price $3.50

I run things Sticker

This high-quality vinyl sticker lets the world know that you run races—and that you’re in charge. (We love a good double entendre.) Perfect for use on a water bottle, laptop, on your treadmill, etc. Measures 3.25" x 2" 

Price $4.50

Sterling Silver Shoes Pendant

This statement sterling silver necklace features our running shoes on one side and the acronym BAMR (bada$s mother runner) on the other, telling the world what you are whatever side is facing forward! It is handcrafted in North Carolina by the popular designer (and mother runner) Erica Sara.

The oblong tag hangs vertically and measures 11mm x 19. The 1.5mm cable chain is 16″ with a 2″ extender, allowing it to be worn as 16″ or 18" (so versatile!). Purchase the pendant by itself for $36, or add the beautiful, versatile chain for only $30 more.

Price $66.00

another mother runner performance X face mask (gray)

Keep those around you safe and show you're another mother runner in this limited-edition face mask. Made by BoCo Gear, the performance X (for exercise) mask is made for performance and high-output activities. Consisting of two layers of durable knit performance fabric, the internal layer features a slit that can hold a filter for additional protection. This graphite gray mask is scattered with pale gray versions of our two-shoe logo; on the right side of the mask it reads another mother runner in pale jade, teal, and dark aqua.

Named Most Breathable Mask by Runner's World!

One size fits most. Wash, dry, and re-use.

Mask sales are final. No returns.

Price $10.00