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♥ RUN hoodie

We ♥ Run: Okay, so maybe not always, but your miles hold a special place in your heart. This laid-back hoodie features gorgeous custom-drawn heart with the word "RUN" in it with our mom's shoes logo below it like a signature.

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It's all good. I ran today. hoodie

After a run, we can roll with whatever life throws at us—temper tantrums (by our kids -or- colleagues!), rush-hour commutes, car payments, project deadlines. This laid-back hoodie reflects that re-calibrated mindset, and let’s the world know you are ready to forgive its inconveniences.

Price $40.00

Run Oregon hoodie

Oregon: a state renowned for its running history--and one heck of a beautiful place to run! We pay homage to the state with this limited-edition hoodie. The word "run" is made up of our running shoes logo plus one hidden 'symbol" of this woodsy place. Given how lush much of the state is, the words are in two lovely shades of green. This hoodie is deliciously cozy, but a perfect year-round weight. Ideal for shipping on post-run.

Price $40.00
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Speed Bump Maternity Tee

Tell the world you've got a baby on board--and that you're not letting that happy fact stop you from getting your run on. Sure, we know your pace might slow, but we like to have a sense of humor about it in this maternity tee that reads, "This is not a speed bump, and I'm not slowing down."

Price $20.00